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Porcelain Sculptures, C.M. Russel Series

   From the time he was a young man with an artistic bent, Bill Ohrmann has admired the works of Charles M. Russell, Montana's own cowboy artist.  Many years later, this respect took tangible form in the C. M. Russell series of porcelain sculptures.
   The first piece of the series depicts Russell at his easel, working on a painting.  The uniqueness of the piece is in the easel.  It is set up to accept a standard sized postcard.  Since many of Russell's paintings are available reproduced as postcards, one can merely insert a card, and your Russell sculpture is of him working on your favorite painting.
   The other two porcelains in the series are of Keoma, an Indian woman who was the subject of a number of Russell's paintings.  These pieces are available individually, or as a set with the Russell sculpture together on one base, depicting Keoma posing for Russell as he paints her pictures.
   Thumbnails of the sculptures are below.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.  Ordering information is on the Prices and Ordering page.

Artist And His Work
1996 & 1997
Paintings, 1998
Paintings, 1999
Paintings, 2000
Paintings, 2001
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Paintings, 2004
Paintings, 2005
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 John Haines
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