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    Bronze sculptures have been a preferred medium for artwork for many centuries.  The durability of bronze assures your treasured piece will be around for many generations.  Bronze sculptures can depict the finest details.
   Bill Ohrmann has been producing bronze sculptures since 1970.  The Ohrmann Museum & Gallery has many of his pieces on display.  Please stop by to see what he has to offer.
   The piece, Night With A Wolf, is shown below, with the poem that inspired it.

A Night With A Wolf 

The rain and the night together 
Came down, and the wind came after, 
Bending the props of the pine tree roof 
And snapping many a rafter. 

I crept along in the darkness, 
Stunned and bruised and blinded. 
Crept to a fir with thick-set boughs 
And a sheltering rock behind it. 

There, from the blowing and raining, 
Crouching, I sought to hide me. 
Something rustled, two green eyes shone 
And a wolf lay down beside me. 

His wet fur pressed against me, 
Each of us warmed the other, 
Each of us felt, in the stormy dark, 
That beast and man was brother. 

                     Bayard Taylor 

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