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Home The paintings of Bill Ohrmann run the gamut from peaceful idyllic paradise to apocolyptic, from heart wrenching to inspiring.  The style of his earlier works was inspired by realism painters such as Charles Russel and Frederic Remington.  His more recent paintings show the influence of Vincent Van Gogh, Celini, and Heironymous Bosch.  Many of his paintings were inspired by the poetry of John Haines.  Other paintings make reference to prose or poetry by Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, Isak Dinesen, and other writers. 
    Below are thumbnails of the paintings of Bill Ohrmann from 2009.  Click on the image to see a larger image with the accompanying text.  Go to the other "PAINTINGS' pages for more thumbnails.  
Artist and His Work
Paintings, 1996
Paintings, 1997
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Steel Sculptures
John Haines
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 Workin Hard To Get To Heaven
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